Solitude of motif Formation Pannon Lapidarium I Pannon Lapidarium II Pannon Lapidarium III Particulars Silver Lights The Line The Morning Approaching The Motif The Roots Remains At the End of the Day Binding Weekday Light Pannon Excavation Mystery Key of the Gallery Red Roof Silver Rain I Silver Rain II Silver Rain III Silver Rain IV Transubstantiation The Grace of God Wandering Around Well-known Places A Square in Space Growing Wrinkles Bridge Building Binding (bridges) Spiral Reaching High Three Roads I Three Roads II Three Roads III Eternal and Evanescent Earth-scratched Movement A Town is Being Born The Rhythm of Getting Closer Guardian Angels Look After You Day and Night Swinging Moon The Mason's Dream In Attraction Evening Nocturne



Aphrodite Kallipygos Gate to Mark Rothko Flying at Night Elysium (Inner Space) Voices Above the City Early Evening Glow (Lyricism of Orpheus) Perspectives Scorching Heat Prometheus Psuedo Space Fragmentum Experience at the Bank of the Lake Penetrability Meditation about the perspective inside space fossils paralell existence paralell existence spatial gesture selectable ways music in five movements music in five movements 1 music in five movements 2 music in five movements 3 music in five movement 4 music in five movements